Cures for the Daily Grind

A couple weeks ago, a friend remarked that my art had taken backseat to the daily grind, which indeed it has. But that is not necessary a bad thing unless it takes us years to return back to those pleasures in life that bring a smile to our face.

The challenge then becomes finding the time when our to-do lists seem to conquer over lives. So during those moments in life, simply make a commitment to find 15 minutes to do something creative. And if you can manage four 15 minute sessions in a week, you’ve accomplished an entire creative hour in just one week!

Now the question is what you can do in only 15 minutes?


Well, if you already have a creative project in the works, just set your timer and work on it for 15 minutes. Or you can try one of the ideas I have listed below:

1. Brainstorm for project ideas

2. Take your camera with you, and make a pit stop on the way home to take pictures somewhere interesting

3. Draw your day

4. Take a creative walk

5. Go looking through your magazines for collage clippings

6. Collect interesting quotes

7. Dance to your favorite song

8. Collect pictures for a scrapbook page

9. Make a card for a friend

10. Have a couple of tea and read something inspiring

11. Make an artist trading card

12. Write in your journal

13. Make a floral arrangement from your garden (or pick one up at the grocery store) to brighten up your creative spot in your home

14. Make a collage using the quotes and collage clippings you collected on a prior 15 minute creative sessions.

15. Press the flowers from the floral arrangement right before they start to droop

The key to 15 minute creative sessions is learning how to build upon them and break up tasks that normally would take you an hour to accomplish so by the end of the week you realize that it is possible to find the time.

Creativity is responsible for our mental, emotional, and spiritual vitality. Thus, a daily habit of creativity is vital to our fulfilled existence.

- Jill Badonsky, The Nine Modern Day Muses

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