Adventures in visual delights and tantalizing conversations

Last night, we went to Mirta’s Gallery for their latest opening, “Summertime Fun”, a collection displaying over 20 local artists that explore mediums ranging from sculpture to painting. The overall theme seemed to express a resurgence of passion with bold use of color and shadow. And many of the pieces were of a particularly excellent price range, with the average piece being somewhere in the very affordable $300 to $500 category.

Mirta's Gallery

As I browsed the collection, Brian stuck up conversations about good bad movies with one of the owners. A few that came up in discussion were Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Toxic Avenger, and Barbarella. As the conversation got animated, I decided to go get a glass of wine that was served by the ever charming and entertaining, Mathieu, who introduced me around and gave me the pleasure of meeting one of my favorite painters of the evening, Jason Fondren, who mentioned that the gallery just started holding meetings for the recently founded, Tampa Painter’s Guild, that is schedule to hold their next meeting on August 20th at 6pm.

Mirta's Gallery

But that was just the beginning of the evening…

Mirta's Gallery

After leaving the gallery, we decided to hook up with some friends at The Hub, a local watering hole that is like walking into an old fashioned Polaroid photo album for locals that grew up in Tampa. Over the course of the evening, we ran into probably a dozen old friends. Brian even ran into a couple ex-girlfriends. It was quite a comical evening.

The Hub

As I started to make new friends, Brian and the boys decided that it was time for our next adventure so we headed over to Tom’s place, where he dazled us with his guitar as I sketched away in my pastel journal while Micheal and Brian discussed their plan to take over the world.

Tom playing guitar

As the evening progressed into morning, we eventually made it back to our place…

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