The Sunday Night Blues

Sunday BluesIts that time again. The seemingly infinite freedom of the weekend is slowly giving way to the creeping reality that the week has returned. All that remains is to sleep, wake, and then churn through the endless days of the week once again.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do during the week. I love school. I love working with some of the greatest chefs and instructors the culinary field has to offer. I love the sizzle of the pan and the beauty and artistry of a well-designed platter. I love the sheer focus that attending class requires and invokes. In short, my weeks aren’t so bad.

But I love the weekends. Partly because recently, I have learned to adapt to a schedule that is subject to change at any moment, and the weekends represent freedom of schedule. We can go anywhere we want, do anything we want, without any obligation to anyone or anything but our own whims. These are also the times that I get to really spend with mrs. muse, the times we get to connect, talk about our week, and enjoy one another at play. During our weekends, we get to rewind the clock a little, become teenagers all over again. Whether its hitting the beach, the clubs, or an art gallery, the weekends seem to hold endless entertainment.

And then there is Sunday night. To blatantly steal a line from Douglas Adams, Sunday nights feel like “The long, dark teatime of the soul.”

And yes, we had a great weekend. And I am looking forward to the week ahead. But, more importantly, I am looking forward to next weekend. I have no idea what is going to happen, but I know the mrs. muse is going to be there, and that’s plenty enough reason.

Sunday night grumpiness invades the home right about 9pm. The jaws of sleep are rapidly closing, and we fight against it. I attempt to do a bit of frantic creative writing, and mrs. muse rushes to create a piece of art, longingly holding on to the last bit of the weekend.

Sigh… So, my question to you is… Do you feel yourself sometimes hit by the Sunday Night Blues? And if you do… What do you personally do to deal with them?

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