I need to write.

Okay. Let me be straight with you.

Normally, on a good day, I am churning out something around 10,000 words per day. In total. All the papers I have to write for school, website esoterica, dabbling in science fiction, poetry, etc.

When I am in a good writing streak, it seems as if everything in the world, and what the world decides to throw our way, no matter how tumultuous, is in its place and is very easily navigated. Writing my feelings, thoughts, ideas, or even a scribble or two allow me to organize my mind, get rid of some psychic clutter, and just relax.

In other words, it gives me perspective and control. Most of the time, the words flow as easily as turning on tap water. I essentially write the way that I speak, and write the words as I think them. I don’t try to be pretentious or do alot of edits as I am writing. (Okay, so I am a stickler for editing once the post has been made…) But I am more of a “stream of consciousness” kind of writer.

magnetic poetry
And now the tap is off. I won’t exactly say that its writer’s block. I have plenty of good post ideas waiting to be explored. We went out this weekend and I have a few gallery reviews to write. I have some interesting (to me, at least) musings about spirituality, thoughts on Tao, and even recipes.

So its less like writer’s block and more like a knot. Its like there’s this big lump or coil of rope inside the place that occupies my spirit and seems to be preventing me from conveying things on paper. There are ideas, but there is this strange, tangled, heavy knot inside.

Knots like this, for me, can lead to stress over silly things, a misplaced perspective, and a misunderstanding of the world around me.

So, right now, I am writing about the KNOT. Hopefully, it will see this post, and maybe, just maybe, I can straighten things out in my head and get them tapped out on the keyboard.

Alright, at least I have written about something. Let’s see if this helps.

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