Transformational Power of a Little Paint

Before Image of Spring Wall SculptureLast week my mom found this spring goddess wall sculpture that had a few color discolorations on sale at Target for only $3.50! While at first glance, most shoppers might walk right past it, I could see the potential so my mom bought it for me.

Later that week, I went through my craft paint to see what I could do to spruce it up, but I didn’t have the right colors so we went to one of my favorite stores, Pearl, a local art supplier. At first, I started looking in the standard acrylics area since I thought the combination of a moss green paint and a translucent, shimmery paint might just be what the paint doctor ordered to transform this piece of wall sculpture, but nothing called out to me so I walked over to the craft paint supplies and came across Deco Art Patio Paint Textuals in Moss Green. I also discovered Delta PermEnamel Shimmers in White Pearl. The both of which probably only cost me around $5.

After Painting: Spring Goddess Wall SculptureNow when I sat down to start transforming the wall sculpture with just a little bit of paint, I wanted to bring out the flowers and add some depth to her hair so I mixed in some Light Apricot craft acrylic paint into the moss green paint at various stages. After about two good layers of paint, the sculpture really took on the form. However, during the painting process, the “Spring” lettering needed to be touched up so I used Black India ink of all things since it is thin enough to seep down into the cracks of the lettering.

Once I was done painting, this would traditionally be the point where you would apply the shimmery paint, but I have to admit I kinda like the natural look so I decided to leave it as is.

Overall, the project took less than an hour (not including drying time of the paint) so next time you discover a hidden treasure just remember that paint can transform any surface and bring it to life.

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