Translating emotions into color

A fellow art blogger, Bob Martin, wrote a post the other day on how it’s difficult for him to keep his paintings simple:

It is as if I need to prove that I’ve put a lot of work into a painting in order for it to have value. Of course the value is in the ease in which the painting is able to communicate its message.

In my response, I explained how I had the opposite issue of wondering if my paintings are too simple.


But sometimes I also think that it gives them a timeless feel…something that can be enjoyed for years to come as painting fads come and go.

Take my latest painting as an example for this debate on simplistic versus complex paintings. Right now, it just has a simplistic background, one of my signature elements of style. But the other day, I was debating on maybe adding some symbols on the side of the piece. Nothing too bold. Just something to fill the empty space and create a circular flow to the painting. What do you think?

To me, each painting marks a moment in time, translating emotions into color.

Not all of my pieces will strike the same chord with everyone at an art opening. It all depends on where you are in your own life. Some pieces invoke a sense of passion and desire. Others explore the depths of pain and suffering that life can also bring.

So yes, they do hold a tremendous amount of thought in each piece even though they might come across to some viewers as simple. But with all art, there is always more behind the surface of a painting that we might never know without talking to the artist first hand.

[Submitted for this week's theme, "Dear Diary", at Inspire Me Thursday]

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