Myth and Esoterica… The Progress Energy Gallery Hosts Myth, Mystery and Religion


Natalie and I will be taking part in The Progress Energy Gallery’s newest exhibit, “Myth, Mystery and Religion.”  The exhibit will feature images inspired by spiritual and cultural tapestries, ritual, and religion throughout the ages of our shared human history. See what happens when artists attempt to interpret the divine and place that experience on canvas, in steel, or in clay.

The opening reception will be held on October 2nd, from 6 – 9 pm.

Natalie is creating some new pieces inspired by the last few photo shoots we have done that will be exhibited in the upcoming opening.  Its been quite a bit of fun how things are turning out.  Not too long ago, our friends and acquaintances we posing for Natalie to use as reference material for a pastel.  Recently, we started working with some talented models whom we met through Model Mayhem.  We eventually developed a work flow.  Two of her most recent paintings that will be in the exhibit are Nyx: Goddess of Night and Amaterasu along with some of her other work.  I was honored when she asked me to exhibit with her.  A couple of my photographs from the photo shoots are going to be exhibited to showcase the creative process.  Natalie is then able to take the images we get during the shoot and then use them as reference or an inspiration for a new piece of artwork.  Its very cool to see her work.

Natalie spends quite a bit of time preparing for the photo shoots.  She plans nearly every aspect, from set, to theme, and costume. Then we spend the day photographing reference shots that try to find the essence of the goddess Natalie wants to bring to life in her soft pastels.

This last photo shoot we worked with Mai Dang, a model we met through Model Mayhem.  Mai is a runway model who has quite a bit of experience in fashion modeling.  She was a joy and a pleasure with which to work.  Highly professional and very punctual.  We were impressed, from an artistic perspective, at her ability to take direction.  She was eager to get the shot just right.  She brought along costumes and spent time studying and reading up on the goddesses Natalie wanted to portray.  Everyone involved worked long hours.  Mai endured costume changes, and constant hair and makeup. She put her all into the shoot.  What an adventure!

During the shoot, our good friend George Tau serendipitously was able to attend.  Natalie  wanted to capture the essence of  a goddess in action so she decided to have Mai  in some poses with traditional weaponry, from swords and blades to staffs and spears.  George acted as our weapons consultant that day.  Mai was very eager to learn the proper poses and forms for each weapon and George provided his extensive martial arts training to create some very dramatic shots.  He was very creative with the poses, superimposing traditional goddess poses with weaponry and a sense of action.  George has is Black Sash in San Soo Kung Fu , a Krav Maga artist, and is also available for Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy.

Micheal also acted again as the sun.  I love having him around for shoots, he is always willing to do whatever it takes to make for a successful shoot.  He is getting good at the lighting rigging.  We’ll probably have to get him some strobe lights and soft boxes soon to play with.

Also, we again had the services of the lovely Georgette Khaziran of Verdecia Salon.  She was incredible.  Not only did she do amazing work through four costume changes, several hair changes, and plenty of makeup changes, she stayed on set during photographing process to do constant touch ups and the make sure Mai was present as best as possible for the camera.

We had a great time with this last shoot and we absolutely pleased with how everything came out.  We are very grateful to all the people who worked so hard to make it happen and look forward to the next shoot.  I can’t believe its already time to start thinking about the next one…

Georgette Khaziran is available for appointments at Verdecia Salon in Citrus Park,

call 813-852-1509 to schedule an appointment.

George Tau is available for Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy sessions, visit to learn more.

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