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Clearwater Beach Fire Spinning

Clearwater Beach is a haven for the adventurous, the artistic, and the free spirit.  The drum circle there attracts performance artists of all types; most notably, those dancing with poi and fire.  Poi are orbs attached to a rope or chain that is spun around to create beautiful, momentary kaleidoscopes of flame and color, ephemeral [...]

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Flash Experiments – The Obligatory Ybor Night Time Photo Shoot

Last evening we visited Ybor City.  Aside from having a good time, I wanted to experiment with my remote flash unit.  Nikon’s creative lighting system is excellent, and the SB900 flash is a fun toy to play with.  The flash unit can be fired remotely and wirelessly, with no need to be tethered to camera.  [...]

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Beach Wedding at Howard Park

Recently I photographed a beach wedding at Fred Howard Park Beach in Tarpon Springs, Fl.  Its another of our favorite beaches as it makes for some spectacular sunsets.  The wedding was perfectly timed and the sun fell into the water on a warm, breezy day.  The sky was a canvas of warm reds, golds, oranges.  [...]

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Our favorite things about Tampa Bay: Caladesi Island

Come visit our state. Come to Florida. Come to the Tampa Bay Area and experience the best of our state. If you plan on going anywhere in the next few weeks or months, come see why we love our land.  Florida has over a thousand miles of beaches that are safe and welcoming. Come visit [...]

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Xenoglosia releases Cindy is a Windy Ghost

Download this music.  Now. I am no music critic.  I do not know fancy schamncy genre terms.  But that’s okay.  This stuff, I like. The artist behind Xenoglosia/Nerdlab4 is a friend, but that really creates no bias towards the love of his arrangements.  There is something about the placement of each sound, the deft use [...]

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Magnum Opus 2009, A Square One event produced by Okesene Tilo

Here is a slideshow from our adventures in Ybor City at Magnum Opus, a tremendously successful art event presented by Square One and produced by Okesene Tilo. The event was absolutely packed, and people were waiting in line around the block to make their way into the Ritz Theater, that many Tampa kids may recall [...]

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Myth and Esoterica… The Progress Energy Gallery Hosts Myth, Mystery and Religion

Natalie and I will be taking part in The Progress Energy Gallery’s newest exhibit, “Myth, Mystery and Religion.”  The exhibit will feature images inspired by spiritual and cultural tapestries, ritual, and religion throughout the ages of our shared human history. See what happens when artists attempt to interpret the divine and place that experience on [...]

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Book Cover Image for "Discovering Words" by Julian Walker

Recently Natalie was contacted by a representative from Shire Publishing in regards to an image she photographed of her Magnetic Poetry Project that was posted on our Flickr account.  In the project, Natalie used a printable magnetic sheet that she could feed through our printer.  Inspired by a similar kit she found at a bookstore, [...]

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Muskegon Farmer’s Market, Summer 2009… Beautiful produce, friendly people.

Natalie and I had the fortune to visit Michigan this summer and run around all over Muskegon.  Summer flowers were blooming everywhere.  Beautiful buds sprang forth on every hillside, driveway, and even on the side of the road.  Large, abundant flowers, heavily laden stalks of corn, and produce of all types were visible in fields [...]

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The Fairy Photo Shoot.

Natalie’s latest painting of the goddess Nyx has just been completed.  Its fifth in the series so far, and probably my favorite one to date.  It is hypnotic and has a certain pleasing symmetry.  But that’s just me, and I am admittedly biased. The painting is the result of what Natalie had called the “Fairy [...]

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