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The Ultimate, Universal, Roasted Garlic Base Tutorial and Recipe

I am having difficulty in starting this post. I am searching the recesses of my mind for words adequate enough to describe my love of garlic. It goes in practically anything. You can make flavored butter for bread, put it in soups, put it in stews, sauces, sitr fry, practically any savory dish from omelettes to venison, etc., etc., ad infinitum. There are health benefits. Its easy to keep around and can add flavor to anything.

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Life, Love, and Chaos… Congrats, Bob!

Congratulations to our friend, Robert. J. Ammidown. Bob is a local playwright and will be attending a staged reading of his play, “Life, Love, and Chaos,” at The Blank Theatre in Hollywood, California on September 10th, 2007. I have known Bob for over a decade and he lives to write and it is very satisfying [...]

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Art as a Function of Evoking Memory

Last semester I took a course in Color Theory. I have often been told that it was an odd choice for a culinary student to take an art class. However, I am of the school of thought that one eats with the eyes first. Food simply has to look appealing. And to me, food is [...]

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Collage for the Cook

Okay. I am not the artist in the family. I can draw reasonably well, but this semester I am taking a course called “Color Theory.” Now why would a culinary student want to take such a class? Well, to challenge me and help me with making better looking platings. No, I am serious. Why ya [...]

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Final Exams

I’m in Finals… For a culinary student, that means hard labor and an artistic creation all in the space of a few hours. And later in the week, you do it again. Ever see Iron Chef? Two great chefs compete, not really knowing what the secret ingredient is before the show begins. They have to [...]

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Perfect in our imperfection

I think that I am married to probably the most wonderful woman on Earth. I’ve had friends ask what makes us work. How do we get along so well? How do we do it, without all the seeming frustration that others go through? Well, there’s a secret. She’s not perfect. But she’s perfect for me. [...]

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A Weekend to Remember…

I love Three Day Weekends. I even love the Only-Four-Work-Days-This-Week that follows it. We had a few adventures and crammed as many as we could into this brief little vacation from the everyday. Friday night we went out to a club that’s local to The northern end of Tampa. I’ve been to quite a few [...]

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I need to write.

Okay. Let me be straight with you. Normally, on a good day, I am churning out something around 10,000 words per day. In total. All the papers I have to write for school, website esoterica, dabbling in science fiction, poetry, etc. When I am in a good writing streak, it seems as if everything in [...]

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The Sunday Night Blues

Its that time again. The seemingly infinite freedom of the weekend is slowly giving way to the creeping reality that the week has returned. All that remains is to sleep, wake, and then churn through the endless days of the week once again. Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do during the week. [...]

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The Art of Not Selling Out

Commercialism runs rampant in our society. Its true. EVERYTHING, to some degree or another, has been made into a mass-marketed form that is palatable for the average, everyday person. (Which I believe is a misconception. No one is average unless they allow themselves to become so.)One-Size-Fits-All solutions invade our life in regards to everything from [...]

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