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Stepping out of the world…

I love to write. Primarily, I write fiction. I also have quite a number of papers that I must write in school at any given moment, my various journals, poetry, and of course, contributing to I generally write anywhere upwards of about 10,000 words a day. Yup, I like to write as much as [...]

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Description of a cold day

A greasy gray-green sort of gangrene mist is now lying dead

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On the Passing of Time

Sometimes there are brief moments of clarity that hit you in such a way as to indelibly and indescribably transform your way of thinking. The moments of lucidity, epiphany, or whatever you wish to call them can impact you in such a way as to be indescribable. I’ve had one of those moments recently, and I am going to try to describe it. My words may falter and not convey the actual shift in my mind, but I will at least make an effort.

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Looking into the mirror without running away in terror

It was 5:30 this morning. As a culinary student, I am used to getting up early now, each and every day. My tasks are to shower, shave, brush my teeth, throw on my chef uniform, kiss the sleeping mrs. muse goodbye, grab my knife kit and head out the door as fast as possible. Sounds [...]

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This isn’t art, you know.

Have you ever been to a local art show? We’ve recently attended a show in which surrealmuse participated, which was very crowded and had an excellent turnout. There were paintings, sculptures, and of course, all of the associated people and requisite art show paraphernalia that you would expect to see from the “artsy” crowd. There [...]

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Love in the Prozac Generation

A supplemental by techmuse, the adoring husband of themuse. Sigh. Its late. About 1:30 am. Valentine’s day is, I suppose, officially over in our time zone. So its over. The day to express to your loved one how you feel. And right now I am looking for divine inspiration to help me in this [...]

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