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Traveling Art bag


I started this pastel sketch last Friday at Nola Cafe while listening to all the entertainment for the night, and just had a few finishing touches that I did on Sunday at home with my pastel pencil.  So next time, I’m taking my traveling pastel bag so I have all the essential supplies to finish a piece:

  • Soft Pastels: I prefer the cheap ones made by Loew Cornell
  • Soft Pastel pencils: black ones are a must!
  • Fan Brush: helps brush away unwanted pastel dust (also good for correcting mistakes)
  • Sketchbooks: always bring more than one for anyone that wants to sketch with me
  • Canvas Rug: a huge piece of canvas with durable hard black plastic on the other side so I can sketch anywhere and clean up is a snap!
  • Baby Wipes: makes clean up easy and eliminates the need to go to the restroom to watch my hands
  • Fixative Spray: it’s what binds all the pastel dust together so it can be enjoyed for years to come

Now the inspiration for this piece came from this month’s theme, Dream, over on Creative Everyday, and Arty Girlz’s weekly challenge, Butterflies.  Both of which, always have great art challenges.  So go be inspired with the New Moon and create something…

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