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New Web Design

New Site DesignA couple months ago we tried a magazine web design layout for the site, but found over time that the content just wasn’t as accessible.  So this past weekend, the site got a new look weekend along with an update to WordPress 2.7.  This new design is based on the original chronological format with some additional features including post icons.

The design has been reviewed in both Mozilla 3.0.6 and Internet Explorer 7.  However, please drop me a comment if you notice anything looking a little weird in your browser.  Please note the browser name and version to help assist in my research to resolve the issue.

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Blog Name Changing to "Surrealmuse Studios"

new designAfter some thought, I’ve decided to change the name of the site from “surrealmuse ponders life & art” to “Surrealmuse Studios”. The site content has expanded within the past year to contain videos as well as a calendar of local Tampa Bay arts events. Along with this blog name change, I decided to lighten up the design and change it up a bit. Let me know what you think, especially if you notice any errors in your particular browser. I use Firefox extensively, but there shouldn’t be problems with IE, Safari, or any Linux browsers.

The website will still continue to cover topics that will interest readers outside of Tampa. I’m currently working on an article about my art bag… That contains all of the tools to keep me creative while on the road. I will also be posting a article on how to make your own water and heat-resistant art-covered coasters. So stay tune for some new articles and art work along with our recently added coverage of the Tampa Bay art scene.

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code is poetry

123006.jpgAh, the joys of coding your own site. It’s been a fun little project to come home to every night this week. Slowly, but surely, I’m getting it back to it’s former glory. I think I might have finally decided on a theme so I can focus on the content. There is still a ton of images that need to be uploaded for older posts, but I must say I’m so glad that I finally decided to code my own site with WordPress. There are just a ton of cool things that you can do with your own site. Everything has been smooth sailing so far, but I’ll need to back-up everything pretty soon now that I have to maintain the website myself, which probably sounds like greek to some of you out there in cyber-land. I know Brian has no idea of half the time of the coding I’m talking about so I’ll probably need to find some fellow WordPress coders out there. So as weird as it might sound to some of you…code is poetry to me right now.

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