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Happy New Year cards

Happy New Year CardsBetween going up to New York for business this month and twenty million other things, I knew I was going to be late with Christmas cards this year so I thought I’d sent out Happy New Year cards instead. However, at this rate, I’m still behind, but the cards are handmade using one of my portraits, Chaos Theory, so maybe they’ll be worth the wait.

For those of you interested in trying to make your own homemade cards, my method is quite simple. You just need the following supplies:

- a set of blank cards: I purchase mine from JoAnns in quantities of 50 at a time for only $10

- prints of your favorite photos: I order my online at Walgreens.com for only 19 cents a print and then pick them up at the store an hour later

- photo corners: While I’m at JoAnns, I also pick up black photo corners to easily attach the photos to the blank card so the receiver of the card can always frame the print if they really like it

- a really good quote or saying: go to google and simply type in the holiday along with the words “greeting” and “quote” to get a list of good greetings that you can print up or handwrite on the inside of the card

So basically, for a total of 40 cents per card, you can easily create a personalize card for less than retail without a lot of effort.

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