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The Goddess Freya


Freya is a Norse maiden goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination and magic.   Traditionally, she is captured in warrior poses with a Viking helmet  and her sword.  Other folklore imagery illustrates Freya in her cloak of bird wings.

For this soft pastel painting, I’ve captured her transformational fairy powers with dragonfly wings that create the wave effect of  northern lights when in flight.

To see more fairy inspired creations, check out this week’s Created Byhand Challenge.


Here is a photogtaph of the work in progress and the photographic reference Natalie was using to create Freya.  She said it was about 80% done at this point.  -Brian


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Creative Everyday

Creative Everyday

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Creative Every Day’s February challenge is to incorporate words into your creative endeavors.  This pastel sketch is actually my third attempt tonight to capture something that called out to me.  While I’ve definitely been creative these past couple of months doing activities that range from making jewelry to designing my own wire-bound journals, I haven’t touched my soft pastels in awhile and it shows. 

My earlier attempts tonight ended up having color selections that clashed so I decided to stay with a simple yellow-green-blue combination.  The flower stylized dragonfly wings is a design I sketched awhile back.  While I have always loved dragonflies, they seem to be reappearing quite frequently right now.  I even saw one yesterday on one of my walks.  As a creature of the wind, dragonflies symbolize the ability to change form, adapt to various situations, and emerge anew. 

When it comes to being creative every day, it’s a lifestyle that embraces all things creative from cooking up a great meal to share with family and friends to practicing the art of feng shui and re-arranging your room in a way that is more pleasing the eye.  Being creative everyday isn’t limited just to traditional forms of creativity from painting to creating music.  It’s about embracing each day with creative energy to sing along with your favorite song and maybe even dance a little jig.  So to inspire you to become more creative everyday, I’ve made this pastel sketch available to download in three different desktop sizes.  cheers!

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