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Windows of Swirling Possibilities

rumi abstract

For this week’s creative prompt at Inspire Me Thursday, Melanie offers a poem by Rumi.  If you read it very slowly, it might call out to you, awaken your senses:

Out beyond ideas
of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field.

I’ll meet you there.

When the soul lies down
in that grass,
the world is too full to talk about.

Ideas, language
- even the phrase “each other” -
do not make any sense.

Yes, this world we live in doesn’t always make sense so I drew windows of swirling possibilities, an abstract interpretation of this week’s theme.  I started to write out the poem with a portrait layout, but found myself wanting to turn the page to a landscape view when I started to begin the layers of soft pastels. Possibly an subconcious move that we need to change our perspective…in times such as these you have to ask yourself…do you turn to the grass to escape reality or to gather renewed strengthen, energy, and hope?

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The Traveling Hour

Back in the days when I did consulting work, I use to fly on a weekly basis to our client sites, and as any traveler knows, flying can take up half of your day. But I really never minded. I always look forward to the traveling hour, the moment when I was held “hostage” on the airplane. There were no cell phones or computers with internet access or cable tv to distract me. All I had during the traveling hour was my journal, a book, and a pen.

Sometimes I would use the traveling hour to read, to expand my mind. Very rarely did I read novels. No, normally I turned to magazines or non-fiction. And often after a bit of reading, I would feel inspired to write in my journal.

After my days of consulting work ended, there would be times when I missed the traveling hour. While, yes, I could read a book or write in my journal, it takes discipline to ignore the distractions in my home.

And of course, as I am writing this, it is the traveling hour. I am stuck on a two hour flight that there is no escape from my thoughts. And what thoughts are passing through my mind?

Well, I am reflecting upon my recent trip back home. It was a nice little getaway. Nothing bets being back in your hometown. Even though there are obvious signs of change, I felt right at home.

Part of me misses the life I had back home. I had become the big fish in the little pond. I had so many good friends. I was involved with the art community at many levels. But yet, I felt called to leave, to venture out into the world. In my adventures, I met my husband.

It’s strange. I don’t know if fate plays a role in my life, but I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else. When I feel lost in the world, he is my strength. And when he battles life’s questions, I am there for him. I realize what we share is special and sometimes rare.

I truly feel blessed that I am not alone when faced with life challenges. But even outside of our relationship, we have a wonderful circle of family and friends that support us. Even though sometimes I do get lonely and miss some of those circles I left behind, I feel as though I am heading in the right direction. I know I am creating my own little hometown with my husband in Florida.

See, the traveling hour is about listening to yourself. When we are able for one moment to shut out all the noise that the world spews out at us, we are able to pay attention to the life that surrounds us. While it is easy to get caught up in the day to day activities, we also need moments to look at the big picture of our lives. Call it the traveling hour, meditation, solitude, prayer, whatever your little heart desires, either way it plays a vital role in our lives. When we have a moment, whether it is spent stuck on an airplane or locked in our bathroom, we start to see the subtle messages that guide us. Maybe those messages will tell you that you are right on track. Or maybe they will pull you down an exciting and new path. When we give a voice to the little callings that hide in the depths of our minds, exciting changes can occur in our lives. Things that you never thought possible might occur. And sometimes all it takes is the willingness to be open to what life has in store for us . . .

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