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Mapping your Interests

This morning I started searching for weekly art challenges, but didn’t come across anything that called out to me so I returned to reading one of the chapters on discovering a sense of perspective in Walking in this World by Julia Cameron.

One of the sections in this chapters calls you to map out your interests in groups of [5].  So far, I’ve only got four with each prompt, but it’s a start.  Also, not all of her prompts call out to me so I created a couple new categories of my own:

Five art forms that interest me are…

  1. Drumming ~ Helps balance the left/right brain and create a mind*body*spirit connection.
  2. Jewelry Making ~ As someone that has traditionally been a painter, it’s cool to explore a new avenue of creativity that gives me the opportunity to wear my designs.
  3. Journaling ~ Besides just writing, I recently started creating hard cover wire bound journals.
  4. Soft Pastels ~ Soft pastel sticks are essentially pure pigmented color binded in a stick.  When applied to paper, the powder breaks up into pure color dust that can be molded together with your fingers.  And to me, there is just something powerful about taking pure color and molding it into something. 

Five Projects Ideas…

  1. Affirmation Magnets ~ I have these in mind for the office, but they would also be great for the home, school, or anywhere you need a little boost of inspiration.
  2. Drum/Musical Inspired Painting
  3. Hand crafted wire bound Journal ~ To date, I have crafted four hand crafted wire bound journals, but none have been designed for myself. So I need to brainstorm on the elements I want to incorporate into one I would use on a daily basis.
  4. Madonna inspired Christmas Cards ~ Christmas is just around the corner so I need to find an Madonna image to serve as my source of inspiration in the design of this card.

Five Abandoned Projects that I need to finish…

  1. Wine Cork Trivets ~ Most of the hard work has been completed.  Just need to finish painting the frame, attach the backing board, & glue the wine corks
  2. Non-Conforming Necklace ~ I call it the non-conforming necklace since it doesn’t follow any traditional pattern or design.  All the beads are random placed.
  3. Kitchen Curtains ~ They are sitting up in the sewing room.  All clean and just awaiting a simple trimming so they don’t rest on the floor where they tend to get dirty quick!
  4. Mat Newspaper Article ~ The author of the article gave me a beautiful high gloss print of the article that I have all the supplies to proper mat & frame it.  Just need to set aside the time to complete this project.

If you feel inspired to map out your interests on your blog, please post a link here so I can check it out.

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