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Adventures in Drumming

A couple months ago, we came across a djembe drumming class at Sacred Grounds lead by Heather DeRigo that inspired me to get into drumming.  The documented health benefits alone were great reasons to pick up this new adventure into the musical arts. 

Each time I sit down to play, I’m reminded of why I love drumming.  It helps me become aware of when I’m tense and gives me a means to release the frantic energy that arises from a stressful day at the office.  It’s also a great way to practice active meditation and become aware of my breathing.    

When it comes to drumming, I find myself practicing alone at home to increase my skill, but the fun part is attending drum circles.  In the Tampa Bay area alone, you can find a local circle almost every night of the week!  The Tampa Community Drum Circle on Meetup.com is just one great resource.  You can also email bayareadrumming@tampabay.rr.com to subscribe to a free monthly newletter that keeps you up to date on what’s going on in the area.

More Drumming Resources…

Expert Village Videos: A free djembe educational video series for beginners that introduces you to the djembe and how to play it, from instrument selection to polyrhythms and slap techniques.

X8 Drums: Great prices and high-quality drums!  Plus they feature both audio and video of the drums they sell!!

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