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Xenoglosia releases Cindy is a Windy Ghost

FCM018Download this music.  Now.

I am no music critic.  I do not know fancy schamncy genre terms.  But that’s okay.  This stuff, I like.

The artist behind Xenoglosia/Nerdlab4 is a friend, but that really creates no bias towards the love of his arrangements.  There is something about the placement of each sound, the deft use of tone, tempo, rhythm, and ambient sounds that seem to be inspired by the eeriest, loneliest, natural environments on earth and maybe in orbit, too.    Xenoglosia’s latest release, “Cindy is a Windy Ghost,” is full of excellent pieces.

I am a fan of all Xenoglosia releases, and have had the good fortune to get to hear the odd bit of experimentation here and there.  For any of you out there that have heard me read poetry and literature at Sacred Grounds or Nola Cafe’, Xenoglosia has not only graciously permitted me to occasionally read along with its haunting soundscapes, but I can claim that more than a few of my poems were written while playing the last release, “The Final Finalist” obsessively for days in my office.  My favorite track on that was “The Worm,” which felt like an exploration of madness under the crushing depths of the ocean.  My friends and I often have his releases in rotation in our party soundtrack.

Its weird when you are friends with someone who is a true artist.  At least, for me it is.  I find myself, just every now and then, a little starstruck.  I am like that with my own wife, actually.  One one level, here is a person I respect and admire simply for the friendship and relationship, and then, an an altogether different level, I am simply in awe of the talent and ability of this person.

I am just now grooving along to “Cindy is a Windy Ghost,” and absorbing the new arrangements.  So far, I am struck by how there is this sense that there is no hint of humanity in these pieces.  I feel large expanses of ice, cracking and breaking into one another in the darkest part of arctic night.  I can almost envision  raw nature, with no hint of man in a pristine, unforgiving natural environment.  Or I could just be over thinking it.  I just like it.

Anyway, this post is more of a congratulations than an attempt to describe the release.  So, congrats, Rax.  Its excellent.

Go here now.  If you like what you hear, make sure to donate so the artist can keep producing great works like this one.

Cover artwork (above, top)  by Michael Archibald.

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