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Flash Experiments – The Obligatory Ybor Night Time Photo Shoot

Last evening we visited Ybor City.  Aside from having a good time, I wanted to experiment with my remote flash unit.  Nikon’s creative lighting system is excellent, and the SB900 flash is a fun toy to play with.  The flash unit can be fired remotely and wirelessly, with no need to be tethered to camera.  The flash is triggered by the pop up flash on the camera.

My method was to place a Gary Fong Lightsphere collapsible diffuser on the SB900.  And since the flash unit is triggered by the pop up on the camera itself, I used a Gary Fong diffuser on the pop up, as well.  I shoot with a Nikon D90 which can be placed in “commander mode” which allows for the remote triggering of the external flash.

I had fun with the project.  You can set the flash unit on the ground or on a table, or even give it to someone to hold and aim it like a flashlight.  It made for some interesting effects.  All night, I experimented with getting the flash as far away from the camera as possible or aiming it from odd angles to play with shadows.

While in Ybor, we shopped, ate, and strolled around, just snapping away while my friends took turns holding the flash unit.

We hit a store called Agora which had everything from old antique tabernacles to candles and incense. The inventory was stunning.  Small, reasonably priced gifts from around the world were everywhere.  You could easily go in and spend $50 and come out with quite a haul.  On the higher end of the inventory you” find everything from furniture to unique, salvaged items that have character beyond belief.  Any decorator or designer looking to find something unique should check it out.  Agora’s website is down for redesign, which is disappointing considering their amazing inventory.

We also hit up New York New York for some pizza.  Even though it was busy night, the service was great.  It was fast and courteous.  The crust was superb, and the toppings fresh.  I whined a little about wanting more sauce but, overall, a very good joint to pick up a pizza. We also went in to Buddha Lounge, but just to take pictures of the gorgeous decor.  If we hadn’t already stuffed ourselves silly on pizza, we probably would have had a go at their menu.

I’d like to do some more experiments with maybe more flash units and diffusers.  Much fun, more to come.

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MAGNUM OPUS featuring selections from my Goddess series

Magnum OpusMAGNUM OPUS, a Square One Creative Event, will take place between 7pm and midnight on Saturday, November 14th, 2009 at The RITZ Ybor in Tampa, Florida.

MAGNUM OPUS will revolve around the ecological themes of creation and self-preservation.  It will feature selections from my Goddess series and new themed artwork by Christopher Michael Zenger, Gary Randall, Gina Rathbun, J.Alfonso, Jason Moriarty, Jedd Lancaster, Jeff Cinco, Julia Ozimek, Kat Wilson, Katy Alderman, KLAAREN, Linda Alexander, Mary Martinez, Matt Moore, Melia, Melissa Fair, Nelani Palomino, Robert Wegmann, Rory O’Neil and Warren Gibson to debut at the event.

Over 80 local artists will be on display with all artwork available for purchase by the general public.

Show times for the MAGNUM OPUS stage shows will take place from 8pm to 9pm and 10pm to 9pm and will feature original performances by Bella Danza (Artistic Director: Maria Capitano Pardo), Enigma Dance Kru, Kinetic Dance Group, HEMISPHERE Dance, a Wear To The Tear Fashion Show (with the Bentley Salon), Disco Dolls, Anye Cole and Jeremy Gloff. Jeremy Gloff will hold an album release party and performance for his upcoming 16th studio album, 21st Century Love Songs, in the side Royal Room from 9pm to 10pm.

MAGNUM OPUS will be open to the general public of all ages. Guests are encouraged to wear the colors green and white to the event. There will be an optional $1.00 donation at the doors of the event to help benefit Dalmation Rescue of Tampa Bay. Reserved Seats for $5.00 each and V.I.P. Tables for $10.00 each will be made available for purchase by visiting Square One’s Magnum Opus event info page.

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